Our mission

Why AstroPool?

We knew we were going to be part of the Cardano project from the very moment we first heard about it and discovered its involvement in scientific research and knowledge.

On AstroPool we are truly astronomy enthusiasts and we have combined our professional careers with the study and research of the cosmos.

Apart from building a new Internet based on blockchain, AstroPool's goal is to collaborate in the dissemination of scientific knowledge in general and astronomical knowledge in particular, through direct collaboration with non-profit organisations and other entities whose activity includes the spreading of astronomical knowledge.

That's why we have both collaboration agreements with the Malaga Astronomy Society (Sociedad Malagueña de Astronomía, AstroMalaga) and with AstroLab (the first online astronomy school in Spain), motivated by their dedication and commitment to the spreading of science and astronomy knowledge.

Founded in 1975, the Malaga Astronomy Society is currently one of the oldest and most active astronomical groups in Spain, covering all fields of interest for the amateur astronomer. In their outreach activities, they not only bring the cosmos closer to the participants, but also carry out a very valuable work of ecological awareness, transmitting values such as the importance of respect and protection of the natural environment or the problem of light pollution that affects not only the observations but also the entire ecosystem. 

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You can also check their amazing work for the UMA/SMA Meteor Surveillance Network

Astrolab was born from the passion for dissemination and astronomy of a group of professionals dedicated to tourism who began to offer experiences where they combine history, the peculiarities of the places and their potential for astronomical observations. Now they are opening the doors of their online astronomy school, offering all kinds of training activities aimed at any age group, but focusing on children. In this line, they are constantly collaborating with educational centres in which they develop training activities for children, awakening scientific and astronomical interest in children and teenagers.

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Also, we are on conversations with many more astronomy and science organizations and related businesses, in order to extend the collaboration and donations to many of them as possible.

Empowering and researching! ✨Milky way✨!