The high-tech cloud Cardano pool. Made by IT, science, engineering, astronomy and astrophotography geeks, with the purpose of bring amateur astronomy and universe knowledge closer to the public eye.

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Earn an easy passive return up to 6% annual in ADA rewards, supporting us and staking your cryptocurrency with ASTROPOOL.

We donate up to the 30% of the pool's benefits to astronomical societies, scientific organizations, educational institutions and bussinesses in general, that are committed to spread scientific and astronomical knowledge, specially among kids and disadvantaged people.

Mission Driven Pool

Automated Cloud Servers with very low carbon footprint

Ruled and managed by a dedicated, experienced and highly skilled IT Team

We are a group of highly skilled techies, running a great cardano staking pool on cloud. 

We use advanced high-end technology, server hardening practices, automation pipelines, scaling mechanisms and security threats detection and neutralization.

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Twitter: @AstropoolO

Let's make this journey with us.

Empowering & researching. Milky way.